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Friday January 24 2014.

 Well the report by the Post Office Ombudsman came by email. I had laid a complaint after a large amount of my election flyers were not delivered, or were delivered to the wrong Ward.

 Apparently it's all my fault. Canada Post emailed me to use their service, and provided an on line map for me to show where I wanted my mail delivered, and emailed me the labels to put on the flyers. But the fact that most of it was delivered to the wrong areas was my fault because it didn't have the right postal codes.
They delivered far outside Ward 7, and ignored parts deep inside the Ward, but that's because the postal codes were wrong. These were the codes THEY gave ME. But it's my fault anyway. And how can the middle of the Ward not be in the Ward? And yet areas far outside have the same postal codes. It's Bullshit.

 The Postal Office Ombudsman is just another pretend service that acts like it helps people, when it just covers up mistakes of their own.

 This is far too common in Edmonton. Several times I have asked for help from various committees, boards, and human rights offices. They always start off deeply concerned. Then half way through they begin to evade your eyes and stare at the floor. Then they always end up saying nothing was wrong with anything.
 Around here, these services are nothing but a 'funnel' to deal with 'complainers' and handle them without doing anything for them.


They actually had a feedback form on the email. I sent the following.

 This was not a proper investigation. It was nothing but an attempt to cover up the mistakes made by Canada Post. It was not an attempt to get to the Truth or fix the problem.
 Canada Post was happy to take my money, and provide an online map for me to indicate where I wanted my mail delivered, and spit out the labels, yet somehow it is my fault that it was delivered to the wrong areas.
  I drew an line around the indicated delivery area, but now they say they don't deliver according to the map.
Why not say that on the website? "THIS MAP HAS NO BASIS IN REALITY."
  I was emailed by Canada Post to use their service, yet they did a poor job and don't care, and now hide behind bureaucratic B.S..
  They are no better than email spammers, trying to get money for no service. Terry Rolls


  I have to say, avoid Canada Post whenever possible. They have one job, and can't do it properly, and blame you for their incompetence.

 In my neighborhood, mail is coming later and later. I've checked it at 6pm, and yet the box has mail in the morning. It even came Saturday morning. I could tell by the tracks in the fresh snow, newer than the journal carriers, which I backtracked from house to house down the block.
  A neighbor phoned in, and apparently they can deliver as later as 8pm. And they also have a priority of delivering to businesses first. So if they run out of time, you don't get your mail that day.
 The neighbor hadn't gotten any mail for a week, and bills were due. So she phoned to complain. The next day there was too much for the mailbox. A day later the inspector phoned to say he couldn't find any of her mail at the post office. Sure, after he gave them a days warning to clean it out.


  December 2013. So what was achieved? As far as my personal growth, quite a bit.

Everyone says "Somebody oughtta do something about that". But the somebody is always someone else. People are tigers in their own living room, but tend to be mice in the real world. When it's time to stare down injustice, they are staring at their shoes. And I'm pretty much the same.
But at least I can say I gave it a try. I stood up and spoke my mind and pointed out the Truth.
One thing that I learned is that having a political platform to speak from gets you more attention than writing a letter to the editor or writing a blog that only your buddies read.

When I first tried in 2010 I had a real uneasiness about speaking in public. Just having all those people staring at me felt uncomfortable. I used to be a fat kid who was called every insult in the book and half expected it again.
So I read my speech and tried to give helpful answers to questions, while some others handed out political clichés.
In 2013 I was much more at ease. You may have noticed I never read from notes in any debate or TV spot. I winged it every time. And by the second debate I was able to crack jokes and make the audience laugh at the comments from the others. [at least I think that's what they were laughing at.]

Overall it was worth it. I just dug myself into a financial hole to do it, that's all. Every penny went onto my credit cards. But many others spent far more and lost as well. Second place lost as big as last place, and it cost them more to do it.

So, you don't like the way things are? What're you gonna do about that? Try something, or mouse around?

   Well, the election has come and gone and I did worse than in 2010. I don't even mind not winning as much as the fact that nothing was achieved. The same person is in with the same mindset.
  Despite me and other candidates, and members of the public at the debates, showing the many shortcomings of his period in office, he was voted back in.
Are people that big of a herd of sheep? Or do they think they are supposed to vote for the 'boss'? Was it rigged? Or does the biggest sign win?
  I guess you could say I gave out info to thousands who wouldn't have gotten it otherwise. Perhaps the acorns will grow in time.
 My thanks to those who voted for me.

I received a nice letter from the new Mayor. [whom I happened to vote for.] Vanity makes one think he sent it to me, but most likely everyone got one.

But I have one from the President. http://www.terryrolls.org/Images/WhiteHouseLetter.jpg

  This is Terry Rolls. He has lived most of his life in Ward 7. He has had years of experience in many areas of government. He also ran for Councillor in 2010.

 He should be your choice for Ward 7 Councillor. Terry believes in the revitalization of Ward 7. He feels that a Ward Councillor should represent all of the people of the Ward and do the best for the most.

  For the last 6 years this has not ocurred.

 Incumbent Tony Caterina has focused only on one small part of Ward 7, consisting of the area around Northlands, a private company of which he is a shareholder and was a board member. The area in question has had never-ending cash input, getting over $50 million from the city for several glamour projects that do nothing but feed his desire to be a big shot.

  In 2009 Caterina said of Indy Racing; "It's not a cost, it's an investment into promoting Edmonton as a world-class city. We made a decision as council to support this event because it is world-renowned … Given the exposure we have had, it's money well spent."
  As you may know, Indy failed miserably, as many said it would. So what kind of promotion is that to the world? "Edmonton fails." "Edmonton gets suckered yet again".
  And it was costly. It cost the City $22 million over several years. But did you know over $15 million went to Northlands, who was hired to run it? That's for a 3 day race over 3 years, for a cool $1.6 million a day! Nice payday for shareholders at least.
  Then Octane Motorsports took over. The race still failed. Then Octane split town and claimed bankruptcy, owing local businesses $500,000.
  Why wasn't a company like Castrol Raceway [formerly Capital City Raceway Park] asked to run Indy? They are local. They run car races all the time. They have a road course. They have years of expertise. Yet they had no involvement.

  Why wasn't the job put out to tender?

 In an interview in July 2013, Caterina seems to think his proudest work in 6 years has been upgrades for Alberta Avenue and Borden Park.
Next to Northlands, Borden Park is getting a $20 million re-do. On the other side, Alberta Avenue, millions were spent repaving and prettying up 118th Ave., right in the area where Caterinas family owns a pawn shop.

  Last Canada Day, Borden Park had dozens of tents advertising Tony Caterina and Northlands. That is not what Canada Day is for. This is not patriotism. That is not why soldiers died for us. It is not supposed to be an opportunity to pimp yourself and your buddies. It's not to be used as a political rally.
Moreover, Northlands was also on the City of Edmonton webpage, advertising themselves. How can a private business get onto a government webpage? Who gave the okay for that?  [But they did give out hotdogs. That must the peoples cut of $35 million.]

 He has always been ready to vote for big budget spending, like the airport re-do. But he's voted against a new arena. Why? Because Northlands would lose status if one was built. So he dances between yes and no.

  He says "Communities to be proud of", but there's only one area that's he's concerned with, and no one lives there.

  Meanwhile, things are worse for the Ward. Within the last 6 years 5 schools were shut down 'to save money'. Without them young couples are moving away. Without them, the Ward has no future. Those schools happened to be the ones closest to Northlands.

 In the parks and schoolyards they won't even pick up the grass or sweep the streets, 'to save money', so the drains clog every time it rains. The trails along the river valley are overgrown and peppered with mud bogs. Yet Borden gets $20 million, and probably a plaque or statue to boot.

  For poor folks, there used to be a home upgrade program called R.R.A.P.. RRAP would give you necessary upgrades to your home. After 3 years they were free. If you left your house sooner you had to pay back a percentage.
 That is gone. First it was not given funding. Then it was replaced by an inferior program called H.O.P.E. HOPE is eligible only to a few areas of Ward 7, if you're poor enough, and over 65 or disabled, and if you put up your house as collateral for 20 years! If you move out before then, you must pay back all the money before your own house can be sold!
What kind of help is that? They call it HOPE? More like NOPE!
 HOPE is a program designed so that people don't want to use it. This way, it can be said they have a program for the needy, without actually spending too much on it.

Perhaps the people who can't afford to fix their house can go live in Borden Park.

  All of this shows that Caterina is out of touch with the people, and is direct conflict of interest with his duties.

  In an interview in July 2013, Caterina said he "can move the money". Yes, he moves it to his own interests. A park and a street do not really help the people of the Ward. Those millions could have been better used on many other projects within the ward, and if we ask for more, we're told that Ward 7 has gotten plenty of money lately.

Check out the results on this map of Ward 7.

  With office expenses as high as $102,000 a year, and his history for the last 6 years, he has shown he is not the right one for the job. Let's retire him to the house he bought in Florida.

  The choice is clear. Vote for Terry Rolls. A vote for him is a vote for all of Ward 7. He has had years of experience in many areas of government. He is ready and Willing to stand up for your interests. He will be Responsible to the voters.

-Such things as HOPE will be modified or replaced to fit the needs of the people in the Ward.

-Any new funding will be shared throughout the Ward as needed for increased rebuilding or new projects.

-Businesses will get a fair chance to progress without the buddy system.

-The Arena situation will get input from the public.

-He might even get the grass picked up from the parks.

               Vote for Rejuvenation. Vote for Redevelopment. Vote for Responsibility.

Vote ROLLS for WARD 7.