Human Rights And Elections.

Ever since the time we were sitting in trees with a lion chewing on our foot, we have been interested in Human Rights.
Throughout history, it has been the increase in Human Rights that determines progress. Document after Document have slowly been forced upon those who didn't care, or didn't want us to have Human Rights.
Dictators don't care about it. They have all they want. Corruption doesn't like it. It takes away their power. And so whenever these evils rise again there is the risk of losing all that has gone before.

People care about it. People fight for it. Sometimes it takes them a while to get going, but they always do. They feed off the injustice they are faced with. Their masters create the ones who destroy them. It always happens.
Yet new masters arise, without any knowledge or concern of the past. They will be different. They will rule the sheep. They hope it will give them power. Satan whispers it in their ear. But it just gives them enemies.
And they have followers. No doubt about it. They have many. They think if they suck up to power, they will also be powerful, but it just makes them butt kissers. They did from cowardice, but they won't let themselves know it. Their ego tells them otherwise.
And once again average people must sacrifice and risk all to crush the corruption and preserve Human Rights.

I've been involved with various complaint processes in Edmonton and Alberta over the years with the same results.
Each time, the proper group has to be found. This is often difficult. They seem to be shy about advertising. But if you keep at it they are out there.
So then a report is made and things seem to be going well. But as time moves on interest is lost, and eventually the entire complaint is thrown out.
First, they try delays, which can add years. After delays, if we still insist, they make it harder. Add conditions, reports, verbal meetings, cross questioning and more time. Change reviewers often, while every one summarizes what went before so that there is not much left at the end.
If we still persist, they just say ' they see no evidence'. It's a beautiful phrase. They can close their eyes and see nothing, and what can you do?
I've been through this process several times myself and have heard of many others. The similarities in each case are remarkable.
It makes me wonder if all these groups are not really there to help people, but simply to funnel them into kangaroo courts to be dealt with at leisure.
Hey, you've had your turn. You complained and were dealt with. Get back to work peasant.

If everything is a con, and the fix is in, what can you do? The one chance may be to vote them out. At the very least, it's someone new. The devil we know, has known us too well. Time to change the sheets. We've been in bed with this crowd long enough.
But some want a clean campaign. Of course they do. That means 'be nice'. 'Don't bring up bad things'. But it won't work.
Do you get a divorce if your marriage has no problems? Do you quit your job if there's nothing wrong with it? No.
So to, the other Parties have to make us aware why we should change things. They can't afford to be nice. They have to kick some butt. Otherwise, why bother?

And history shows, any Politician that was remembered, was remembered for Human Rights.




  I was looking at that guy up there. I don't even look like him anymore. I've got bags under my eyes and gained about 10 kilos. That's what a few months in politics will do for you. Middle age punches you in the face.














I read in the paper that the Edmonton School Board is changing their policy. Before they were closing schools.

Now they are going to try and keep them open.

That's exactly what I said 2 years ago and more. Closing the neighborhood school brings down the neighborhood. And since I saw no one else speaking out before me, I'll take my share of the credit.

But it benefits everyone. And as usual I didn't make a cent off of it.


  So there's still pushing of the hockey arena. I guess we're getting breast implants whether we want them or not. That will make people take notice of us!

  That will put us on the map for sure. But wait. Isn't that what West Edmonton Mallw as going to do/ And Indy cars? And dozens of other 'sure to success' plans and schemes?

 A city can't buy it's way into fame. But, the money isn't coming out of THEIR pockets, so why not?

  An arena won't stop the rain or mosquitos either.


  November 20: There's been talk about the backups in Hospital Emergency Services. I'll tell you my story.
A few years ago I was working in the garage and an angle grinder kicked loose, and the blade went forward into my left hand, slicing open three fingers across four knuckles. Blood everywhere. [and swearing.] So I wrapped it up with paper towel and a neighbor took me into emergency.
There a nurse wrapped it up with gauze and told me to wait. Two hours later I hadn't moved, and the gauze looked like a red mitten. I told a nurse, so she wrapped some more gauze around it, and told me to wait. Now I had a beehive on my hand.
She also gave me a wheelchair. Why? Because I was losing so much blood I might faint and hit my head. So bleeding to death is okay, but suing them is not. Now I had to try to use a wheelchair with one hand, which means you go in a circle!
FIVE HOURS LATER, I get into a room. Then wait some more. Finally I get about 50 stitches. Six hours in emergency start to finish.
[the hand works pretty good considering four knuckles were cut. While typing the two hands aren't as coordinated as they used to be. Thi s is what I really type liek, before editting.]

November 7 2010: City council changed its mind and have cancelled the Indy race, citing heavy loses and the millions needed to build a new track, because the old one is the airport runway that will be ripped up for re-development. That's twice I was ahead of the curve. See Political View.

  Nov 12. I was browsing my usual websites when I saw a link to a survey for the Edmonton Arena. I still think arenas and stadiums bring down the surrounding neighborhoods, not build them up. Look at Northlands, or any arena in any city. Even the superfans with season tickets don't want to live beside the sports stadium they spend so much time at.
  With all that land at the munci airport, why not build it there? Plenty of parking, an LRT station soon, and hotels are already there for the visiting teams and fans. [and helicopter pads?]
  The NAIT Ookpiks could use the ice, which would be a good trade for the land along 118th to widen the road for access. There's a mall across the street, and a museum close by. An entire family could be amused by a night out.

 The Election was Monday October 18 2010.
  Well, I guess I got my butt kicked. I finished with about 10% of the winners votes. It's embarrassing and somewhat humiliating, after all the effort I put into it.
  And yet my policies, statements, and ideas were important, mooched by others, talked about in the press, and led to damage control by many in power.
Now with the old guard back in, I suppose they will whither and die on the vine. All of the same people got back in city wide, except two new councilors who replaced two who retired.

  It was an interesting month. I woke up early every day and felt involved in something useful and important. I'm having withdrawal symptoms now and the immediate future seems so hum-drum. My signs are collected and sorted for recycling. About 72 are missing, presumed dead.

  Voter turnout went up from 27% to 33.4%. Not much to brag about, especially after all the heated discussion that went on continually. Calgary had a turnout of 54%. Edmonton: City Of Whatever ?

  I guess I didn't connect with the typical voter, who still appears to be retired people. They didn't know me, and usually vote safe. It takes a lot of work to get through to them, and I didn't get it done. They aren't web savvy, I wasn't in the papers, and when I was the articles were taking little digs at me while building up their favorites.
  My campaign had several other problems. Posters were late, and kept disappearing. Flyer delivery was spotty, and my message wasn't polished up enough.
  And I was a public unknown. Don't be an unknown. Be a media darling.
There were many positives as well. My name and face are known now. My words were noticed. The votes per dollar spent were probably better than most. I had a budget and kept to it, doing the most with what I had.
  I learned many practical things about politics as well. I've watched it for years, but that's not the same. You can't learn to swim until you jump in the water.

  I want to thank those who helped me and those who had the faith to vote for me. I'm sorry I didn't do more for you. The message was good, and my heart was in it, but I couldn't get more people to see it.

 Better results next time. Terry Rolls


Sunday Oct 17 2010

  Well, this is it. The end of the longest job application I ever had. All day, every day, for a month or more. Did I impress the bosses?
  I ran a clean campaign, but fought back when attacked. I ran a good campaign, with the budget I had.
  Many of the solutions I brought up have been adopted by others. So they agree the people must like them. But would they stick to them or just fall back into old habits? For three years there was no contact with the people. Will anything change?

  Redevelopment of older areas is the vital key to avoiding slums. When a school closes that area is on a one way street toward the ghetto. If enrollment drops at a school, it's a sign to re-do the neighborhood, not shut the school.
  Incentives like lower taxes for older neighborhoods and grant programs would help rebuild for young families, and keep the area pleasant for current residents.
  Community Leagues also need to adapt to be more useful to the people that surround them. A few do nothing at all, and get paid to do it.
Some candidates don't live in the Ward and keep preaching about mega-projects outside the Ward. Meanwhile there are many empty lots, closed businesses, and projects that have been stalled for years, such as the Gretzky/Yellowhead area.

  Instead, projects like an Arena or the Airport get pushed by the press.
  The Arena should be paid for by rich people, not the poor. The Airport should have the input of the people. It's too big to have a few businessmen decide on our land use. Sure they had the legal right to ignore the petition. But it takes a long time to get the public working together. And when they do, they got ignored.
  How about putting the arena at the airport?

  Epcor, owned by Edmonton, had its' assets sold to another company with the same Board. They say nothing funny is involved. But then why do it? There's something funky there.

  I have been to other forums and heard many speak out that it is a time of greater involvement by the people, and a time to take back our city for the benefit of ourselves.

  Ward 7 is a working persons area. I was blue collar for many years and I'm not ashamed of it. Yet I've also worked in Government many years and know how it works.








 The Candidates Debate for Ward 7 was Tuesday Sept. 22. This was the first one in the series. I would estimate there were 80 people there.
  I got across my points but was rough around the edges. I would have done much better if we were second and I saw how the format was done, but it is what it is.
It was interesting being the guinea pigs for the new technologies. Thanks go to the workers for pulling it off. TR

  The other wards can be seen online at;


  Had an interview with CTV. It should be online in a few days.

 Also had my first 'fanmail'. WARNING BAD LANGUAGE.

  Did a speech at Shaw Cable. It had to be 4 minutes so I wrote something in the morning and recorded it that night. Ad-libbed parts of it. Here's the Original.

 Went to Candi[date] at MacKewan College, an opportunity for young people to get involved in politics. But most of the people were in their thirties and not students.
In an email they had asked for a 2 minute speech about the challenges that the young face, then decided not to hear them. Here it is.

Did you know there's a Forum for Candidates? It's at:


  The final debate, for Mayor, is at my old high school; Eastglen 11430-68 St. Oct 14 7:00p.m.. Go Blue Devils!

 I just received a flyer from an opponent. It had some good ideas. I know, because they were MY ideas. I had them on the website a month ago. Schools closing, community leagues, infill housing and more. And what he didn't crib from me I recognized from other Candidates comments. His previous cure-all of airport redevelopment wasn't mentioned at all.
 I guess imitation is the sincerest form of desperation. I guess he admits they're good ideas but why not get them from the original source. As Shakespeare said: "A Rolls by any other name...is still a Rolls."

  Let me introduce you to SuperSign.

  I'm being noticed more and more. It feels odd. People in the mall do a double take. Cars honk. An Ambulance stopped and the passenger stuck himself out the window and waved.
  Thanks for your support.

  A picture of me in a tree.






























      Thanks for looking in. TerryR

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